Waste water

  • Fan, belt-guard and integral base are 100% 316 SS construction
  • Ladders were added to access the exhaust fan, exhaust motor, FA dampers and filters on the 2nd level
  • Burner-header is made of cast aluminum and baffles are 304SS
  • All of our units are designed using a 3D-software that incorporates every mechanical component in the design phase to optimize the CAD & CAM process
  • Constant volume burner with adjustable profile plate
  • Epoxy-coated aluminum plate heat exchanger
  • Bolts, seismic-spring mounts and integral base are in 316SS
  • Industrial-grade AF dampers built in 14G 316SS 
  • Structural frame, lifting-lugs and cross members are in 7G 316SS

recovery waste

Waste water treatment plant
Custom energy recovery units
Outdoor installation

Air: 18,800 / 15,250 PCM

Plate heat exchanger application

Direct fired gas heating

For this severe duty-application we started from scratch. This unit’s construction is entirely built in 316 stainless steel and was manufactured to be installed on DC Water’s new waste water facility in Washington DC


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  • 12 x outdoor ER units in 316 SS
  • 18,800 CFM Supply and 15,250 CFM exhaust flows
  • 20 and 15 HP TEFC premium efficiency motor
  • 750 MBH direct-fired modulating natural gas burner
  • 504 MBH energy recovery plate heat exchanger with epoxy coating


  • Aluminum-plate heat exchanger
  • Epoxy coating on plates
  • 80% efficiency
  • Frost control damper


  • Welded 316 SS 7G formed-frame construction
  • Double-wall construction 316SS 16G/20G
  • Two-inch 4.5Lb/cu-ft Rockwool insulation
  • Hinged SS doors
  • Chrome-plated ¼ turn door handles
  • Standing-seam roof design
  • Low-leakage cabinet construction
  • Floor is built as a 2’’ water retaining pan


  • Factory-mounted PLC (room, outdoor and supply sensors)
  • Nema 4x temperature sensors
  • Nema 4x filter pressure indicator
  • Anti-rotation sensors


  • Nema 4x components
  • Disconnect
  • Lights in every sections
  • Light Switch
  • Electrical outlet
  • Seal-tight wiring
  • Digital filter pressure indicator