• We used twin-plenum fans in parallel to reduce unit length and height
  • Every section of the unit are equipped with navy-type lights


Customizable dehumidification
Indoor installation in sections

Air: 60,0000 CFM

Steam-dried desiccant wheel


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  • These two units were designed to introduce 60,000 CFM each of FA at 72°F and 8 grains during summer months. The objective was to eliminate humidity in the arena to maintain excellent ice quality
  • Cooling for the 12-row chilled water coil is provided by Lake Ontario’s chilled water loop running through downtown Toronto
  • Dehumidification is provided by a 3-metre desiccant wheel that transfers humidity from the supply air stream to the regeneration air stream. Air enters at 52°F saturated and exits the wheel at 110°F with only 8 grains. The air then passes through a second chilled water coil to be cooled to 72°F
  • Wheel regeneration is done with 3 rows of steam coils to achieve 250°F at the wheel
  • These units needed to enter from a roof opening and slide into very tight space. This was achieved by cutting the unit into 5 sections (pre-cooling and filters, desiccant wheel, post cooling, fan and dual outlet plenums to silencers)
  • We used parallel twin plenum fans to reduce unit length and height
  • Every section of the unit is equipped with navy type lights