High-rise residential

  • All of our units can be integrated with a PLC and BacNet compatible. The PLC’S can be programmed for temperature control, CO2 or VOC control, pressure control, timer, damper operation and more.
  • Installed on the unit or inside the building, a digital display with keyboard make for easy operation and diagnostic
  • We use brand name VFD’s that are compatible with our PLC’S and have Bac-Net communication


High-rise residential
Customizable indirect-fired units
Indoor or outdoor installation

Air: 1,500 to 30,0000 CFM


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  • 4000 CFM FA
  • 500MBH gas-fired heat exchanger in 409HP SS
  • Multi-stage modulation 20:1 turndown
  • DX cooling coil with external condensing unit
  • Outdoor construction
  • Fresh-air inlets with hoods
  • Hinged-doors with ¼ turn lockable handles
  • Welded frame and lifting lugs
  • Galvanized construction 2’’ double wall (18G/22G)
  • 1.0Lbs/cu-ft fibreglass insulation
  • Enamel paint with epoxy primer
  • Aluminum low-leakage insulated dampers
  • Flat-roof with standing seams
  • DWDI FC supply fan
  • PLC driven controls