• The horizontal-wheel is shown from the EA fan sections
  • The gaskets system on this wheel offer very low EATR ratios and are AHRI verified
  • View showing the unit’s inside with a horizontal wheel
  • Aluminum-extruded inlet louvers-sized at low velocity
  • Polymer-wheels are rugged and offer excellent performances.  Motors are inverter duty or very high turndown ratios and do not require gear boxes.
  • Project : St-Basil High School, Sault Ste-Marie, ON, CANADA


Customizable Energy Recovery Units
Indoor or outdoor installation

Air: 1,500 to 60,0000 CFM or more

Total energy recovery wheel application

Project: St-Basil High School, Sault Ste-Marie, ON



BC-ECW Institutional
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  • This unit was designed to introduce 8 000 CFM of FA and exhaust 8 000 CFM while providing heating and energy recovery with a horizontally installed wheel. Outdoor air design temperature is minus 30°F
  • Frost control is provided with a VFD drive inverter duty motor on the wheel capable of reducing the wheels to 2 RPM from 45RPM at full capacity.
  • Heating is provided by drum & tube burner equipped with an modulating burner that delivers 25:1 ratio, 304L SS heat exchanger.
  • Energy recovery is done by a polymer enthalpy wheel that recovers latent and sensible energy, transferred between the incoming and outgoing airflows.
  • Filtration is done by 2 stages of filtration, MERV 8 (2’’) followed by MERV 13 (4’’)


This unit was designed with a horizontal wheel providing the following advantages:

  • Fresh air opening and exhaust air outlet are far from each other, eliminating cross contamination
  • The FA is high above ground eliminating snow infiltration.
  • The unit footprint is reduced by approximately 20% since the blower is under the wheel.
  • Unit width is 20% less compared to a side-by-side vertical wheel arrangement for roof-mounted applications.