• The fan includes a SS flexible canvas joint, grease lines with SS fittings, two-piece belt-guard and smoke detector
  • The fans is sandblasted to SSPC-10 requirement and coated with a 3-coat epoxy paint system. The bearing is mounted on a split-type pillow block and the SS shaft is covered with a anticorrosion coating.
  • The units is designed to be washed and cleaned with high-pressure hoses to eliminate the accumulation of dust present in this mining environment
  • It includes drain pans in every sections with drains and plugs. Every component including screws are in 316SS.
  • The greasing terminals are in SS and adhere to the clients standards
  • Actuator are protected in a NEMA 4X SS housing with easy access door
  • We can integrate a touch-screen display that will communicate to the PLC and be helpful while servicing the unit


Mining electrical room
Customized cooling unit
Indoor installation

Air: 15,000 CFM


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Specific job features

  • Designed for electrical room cooling, this unit is built with a 316SS cabinet and structure to resist corrosion in a potash environment and includes chilled water coil, fan, filters, and controls.
  • A chilled water-glycol coil provides cooling with a coating for corrosion prevention.
  • Fan is a DWDI Bi fan with special painting system to resist potash dust corrosion.
  • Filtration is done with MERV 8 (4’’) pre-filters and MERV 13 (12’’) final filters, both equipped with electronic filter pressure indicators.


  • Welded 316 SS 7G formed frame construction
  • Double wall construction 316SS 16G/20G
  • Two inches of 4.5Lb/cu-ft Rockwool insulation
  • Doors with SS hinges
  • Chrome plated ¼ turn door handles
  • Low leakage cabinet construction


  • Factory mounted PLC with: room, outdoor, and supply sensors
  • NEMA 4x temperature sensors
  • NEMA 4x filter pressure indicator
  • Smoke detectors


  • NEMA 4x  components:
  • Disconnect
  • Lights in every section
  • Light Switches
  • Electrical outlet
  • Seal tight wiring
  • Digital filter pressure indicator