• Wrap around heat pipe are bult with aluminum-finned tubes and are charged with R134a refrigerant. They have no moving parts.
  • THE DX COIL IS WRAPPED BY THE HEAT PIPEWhen the DX coil start removing heat from the air-flow, the heat pipe wicking mechanism starts.  As the downstream portion is cooled, the upstream portion captures heat from the incoming air-flow.  The heat travels from the upstream to downstream sections proving free pre-cool and post-reheat.
  • Total energy recovery-wheel with AHRI certified performances, labyrinth seals and welded frame construction
  • Martha’s vinneyard’s YMCA includes a pool, a  gym area, lockers and offices for which we supplied an energy-recovery unit


Customizable energy recovery units
Indoor or outdoor installation

Air: 1,500 to 20,0000 CFM or more

Total energy recovery wheel with heat pipe dehumidification

Project name: YMCA Martha’s Vineyard

Unit: AHU 3 (one of 4 units)


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  • This unit was designed to introduce 8000 CFM of FA and exhaust 7000 CFM while providing heating, cooling, energy recovery and dehumidification using a wrap around heat pipe
  • Cooling is provided by an external condensing unit with 3 stages of capacity equipped with a hot gas by-pass valve on the first stage
  • First stage of energy recovery is done by an enthalpy wheel that recovers latent and sensible energy, transferred to and from the incoming and outgoing airflows
  • Second stage of energy recovery was by means of a heat pipes wrapped around the DX cooling coil. This provided a saving of 56MBH (4.7T) on the FA pre-cooling and it provided 56MBH of reheat
  • Martha’s Vineyard’s YMCA includes a pool, a gym, lockers and offices for which we supplied an energy recovery unit


  • Welded-channel frame construction
  • Two-inch high density insulation
  • Hinged-doors with bulb gaskets
  • Standing-seam roof design
  • Double-wall construction18G/22G galvanized
  • Brand name controls and components
  • Factory-mounted controls
  • Low-leakage cabinet construction
  • Low-leakage insulated dampers
  • SS drain pans