• Our basic filters are MERV 8 of 2 inches. We can add filters section or increase there filtration capability up to HEPA.
  • Dampers are low-leakage with foam insulation. We offer a broad range of aluminum, galvanized or SS dampers.
  • Coils are available in all sizes with many options and configurations. They are AHRI certified for performances.


Heat recovery MUA units
Outdoor installation

Air: 40,0000 CFM

Glycol energy recovery coils

Project: MUA printing shop, Montreal, QC


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Specific job features

This unit was designed to introduce 40,000 CFM of FA, heating with recovered energy from a glycol recovery loop.

Heat is provided by two copper tube aluminum finned coils, supplied by a 40% glycol and water mixture. The oils are installed on triple sloped SS 304 drain pans for cleaning.

Filtration is done with MERV 8 (2’’) filters inside the air intake hood to save space.