• DX cooling coils can have split manifold and integral drain pans to operate them on different compressor circuits, allowing to achieve a better temperature control
  • Air-foil plenum fans are efficient and easy to clean for these applications: available with a food-grade painting system, they can also be ordered with a direct-drive washdown motor to eliminate bearing in the air-flow
  • 85%, 90%, 95% or even HEPA filters are available for these application and are installed as the last unit component on the hot side of the heaters


Food plant processing area
Custom ventilation and cooling unit
Outdoor installation

Air: 10,000CFM

Tons: 30T

In this specific application we designed a cooling, heating, ventilation and high efficiency filtration unit for a yogurt processing plant.


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  • Supply fan and exhaust fan with mixing chamber
  • Gas-fired high turndown heater
  • DX cooling coil with drain pan
  • Condensing unit with modulating compressors
  • Plenum fan
  • Inside of unit is made of 316 SS and is designed for a washdown application.