• Vestibule is equipped with an electric heater and thermostat, ventilation exhaust fan and opening
  • Vestibule includes checkered-plate aluminium floor, controls enclosed in a cabinet, main electrical distribution panel and single point electrical supply
  • Control panel with NEMA 4x lights, switches and emergency push button
  • Entire frame is sandblasted to SSPC 10 and is painted with a 3-coat epoxy painting system
  • Doors are equipped with double-thermal windows in an aluminum frame, removable industrial hinges and ¼ turn chrome-plated handles
  • DWDI AF industrial duty-fans are assembled on a integral frame with high-efficiency motor and mounted on a motor adjustment base. Belt-guard is designed in two pieces for easy belt access.


Aluminum production plant
Custom ventilation units
Outdoor installation

Air: 37,500 CFM

With walk-in vestibule

For this customer specific application we started from scratch. The unit’s construction is built entirely of 16G epoxy coated galvanized steel and painted with epoxy paint. The walk-in vestibule is equipped with all electrical, lighting, control and mechanical components. It is also large enough for ease of serviceability.


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Job features

  • 37,500 CFM with 1.6’’ static pressure
  • 1,500 MBH indirect fire heater
  • MERV 8 Filters
  • 54’’ Air Foil plenum fan
  • 20 HP motor IEEE 841 TEFC


  • Welded channel frame construction
  • Frame is sandblasted and epoxy coated
  • Double wall construction 16G/20G
  • Two inches of 4.5Lb/cu-ft Rockwool insulation
  • Doors with SS removable hinges
  • Chrome plated ¼ turn door handles
  • Standing seam sloped roof design
  • Low leakage cabinet construction
  • Floor is built with aluminum checker plate


  • Factory mounted industrial type PLC
  • (Room, outdoor and supply sensors with time clock.)
  • NEMA 4x temperature sensors
  • Room pressure sensor for building pressurization
  • Electrical
  • NEMA 4x components
  • Disconnect
  • Lights in every sections
  • Light Switch
  • Electrical outlet
  • Seal tight wiring
  • Digital filter pressure indicator