High-rise residential

  • LDE shown with optional return air damper and flat filter section for vestibule heating application
  • From 8:1 to 20:1 turndown on 120 to 400 MBH input burners


High-rise residential
Standardized express delivery

Air: 740 to 4232 CFM

Gas: 120 to 400 MBH input

8:1 to 20 turndown

This product is especially designed for a quick unit selection and delivery. It offers a good range of options to satisfy many project requirements.


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  • G90 14G formed frame
  • Reinforced fibreglass insulation
  • Pull-out doors
  • Sturdy 20G galvanized construction
  • In-shot multi-stage burner technology
  • Brand named controls and components
  • Low-velocity inlet hood with filters
  • Aluminum double-walled chimney
  • Spring isolators




  • Dual-volume
  • Horizontal discharge
  • Enamel paint
  • Controls
  • Roof curb
  • Cooling coil section
  • Return-air damper