• Touch-screen display
  • Control enclosure with electric heater, starters, transformers and PLC
  • NEMA 4x fiberglass panel, lights, switches and emergency push button
  • Insulated steam-piping by a certified pressure welder
  • Aluminum checker-plate floor with belt-guard, seismic-springs and copper-lube lines
  • Vertically oriented steel-finned tubes on steam coils (3) with installed valves, temperatures sensor, piping and slopped drain pan

BC-SE-SC  Northern mining facility Custom units

Northern mining facility
Custom units
Indoor installation

Air: 45,000 CFM

Electric and steam heating

Client: Arcelor Mittal

Town: Fermont, QC

Unit: MUA


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This unit was designed to introduce 45,000 CFM of fresh air for both very cold winter days, with 3 stages of steam heating, or mild summer days, with the electric heater when the steam plant is shut down.

Frost control in the steam coil is provided with 3 installed coils in series. The 2 first stages are on/off and the last stage will modulate its capacity to maintain the desired supply temperature.

Heating is 5,103MBH at 150 psig steam pressure and 500KW electric heater. Steam piping was done at our factory to include modulating, manual and automatic valves.

Filtration is done with MERV 8 (2’’) in a face-loading filter bank built above a 3-sloped drain pan with catwalk.



  • Double-wall construction is 18G/20G galvanized-steel
  • Insulation is 3.5lbs/cu-ft and 4 inches thick
  • Welded-channel frame construction
  • Hinged SS removable doors
  • Standing-seam roof design
  • Controls are OMRON industrial PLC’s
  • Seal-tight wiring with lights and switches
  • Fan is equipped with Taconite seals
  • Windows on every door
  • Painting system used:
    • SSPC 3 metal surface cleaning
    • 8 mils of Amerlock 400,
    • 6 mils of Amercoat 370
    • With Universal Gray color