• The air-handler is built with the doors upstream of the fan opening toward the outside and the doors downstream of the fan opening towards the inside to maximize door-gasket efficiency
  • The inward-opening doors are equipped with a fix handle, two ¼ turn handles and an industrial bulb-gasket
  • Fans are DWDI AF high-efficiency type. There construction is of galvanized-sheet metal and the wheel is made of welded-steel.
  • The high-efficiency cartridge filters are available for many applications from MERV 11 to HEPA and from 6-inch to 12-inch thickness


Customized MUA
Indoor installation

Air: 8000 CFM

Direct fired with cooling, filtration and humidification.


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Specific features

Designed to introduce 8000 CFM of FA in a high precision painting process that uses VAV control.

Heating is provided by a direct-fired burner capable of a 30:1 turndown. The system also permits VAV application where airflow can vary from 2500CFM to 8000 CFM.

Cooling is provided by a chilled water coil equipped with a triple sloped 304SS drain pan.

Filtration is provided by a MERV 8-2’’ pre-filter and a second stage with MERV 13-12’’ final filter, both in face loading filter racks.