• This product is especially designed for a quick unit selection and with customizable dimensions
  • Variable volume burner with actuated profile-plate. Can be controled from 30% to 100% of design air-flow.
  • Cross-flow plate heat exchanger with customizable dimension from 1,000 to 60,000 CFM


Industrial Energy recovery for paint booths
Customizable Energy Recovery Units
Indoor or Outdoor installation

Air: 1,500 to 60,0000 CFM or more

Plate heat exchanger application

Direct-fired gas heating


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  • This unit was designed to introduce 15000 CFM of FA and exhaust 15000 CFM while providing direct-fired heating and energy recovery with a plate heat exchanger
  • Frost control is provided with face and by-pass dampers that control exhaust air-flow across the plate heat exchanger
  • Heating is provided with a direct-fired burn of 1,500 MBH equipped with a modulating valve
  • Energy recovery is via a plate heat exchanger that recovers 70% of the exhausted heat
  • Filtration is done MERV 8 (2’’) for the FA, the paint filters are handled inside the paint booth


  • Direct-fired burner with variable air-flow profile plates
  • VFD on supply and exhaust fans
  • High temperature components 120°F for paint drying
  • Plate heat exchanger with 70% efficiency at design temperature
  • Welded-channel frame construction
  • Welded-tube fan support structure
  • SWSI Bi fan with AMCA ‘’A’’ spark resistance
  • Two-inch high density insulation
  • Hinged doors
  • Standing-seam roof design
  • Double-wall construction 18G/20G galvanized
  • Brand name controls and components
  • No electrical components in the exhaust air stream
  • Factory mounted controls
  • Low-leakage cabinet construction

This product is designed to be flexible in all aspects of its construction. All of the features in this product are made to measure, to match the specific requirements of the client.


  • Aluminum corrugated-plate construction for durability
  • No moving parts means low maintenance
  • Close to zero leakage rate (virtually no cross-contamination)
  • Epoxy coating for corrosive environments available
  • AHRI certified performances
  • Plates are made from 599 to 1994 mm (23.6’’ to 78.5’’) sides for low to high air-flows
  • Plate spacing is available from 6 to 20 mm (0.79’’ to .248’’) for more flexibility
  • Plate width can be from 127 to over 5080mm (5’’ to over 200’’)