• Drum and tube free-floating design with dimpled tubes that eliminates the need for inside baffles or turbulators (PATENTED)
  • This new burner design permits linear-modulation capabilities with its BI fan with ECM motor technology that provides constant speed feedback to the PLC
  • Our new low-fire orifice permits perfect low-fire adjustment every time for reliable turndown and lighting

DTH Indirect fired duct heater Commercial �

DTH Indirect fired duct heater
Standardized burner section
Indoor or outdoor installation

Air: 2,700 to 27,000 CFM or more

Gas: 350 to 1,500 MBH output

17:1 to 30:1 turndown

These duct heaters are designed to be integrated into an air-handling unit or delivered with an enclosure for duct mounting.


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  • Sturdy 18G galvanized construction
  • Aluminum/Stainless steel burner head
  • ECM motor and BI fan on burner
  • Brand name controls and components
  • Combustion mixing burner controls
  • Dimpled tube turbulators
  • Drop shaped primary drum
  • Non-welded tube design

optional features

  • Controls and gas train enclosure
  • FM or IRI gas piping
  • Remote control panel
  • Heated controls
  • Heat exchanger in 304L or 316L
  • Sealed combustion
  • & more...